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Vol. I  Art of Destiny

RIJO, JAKE, RICHARD, and KAO are preparing to embark on the most difficult journey of their lives. After being transported to a new world, and trained as universal warriors known as the Elites, these four men will be put to the ultimate test.

The Council of Waywar's Gate has warned them of an approaching danger that could wipe out all of civilization. Now, the Elites are tasked with summoning a magical tree hidden in a dangerous forest to discover the threat they indeed face. None of the four men have any idea what awaits or who is pursuing them. Along this journey, they must use their newfound powers of the Way while uncovering secrets about their new world and its foreign government. The chance to prove themselves has just become greater, and the outcome of this wild journey will prove to be their Art of Destiny.

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Vol. I  Faces of Prophecy

RIJO, JAKE, RICHARD, and KAO's lives are about to change. A world-class fight tournament is offering half a million dollars and a huge endorsement deal to its winner . . . a chance of a lifetime!

Each of them arrive with strong intentions to win the prize. They had no idea a freak disaster would occur, leaving them unconscious and transported to another planet within our universe. Now, these four men must adapt to this new world and learn to fight as a team for a much greater purpose than their own—The Way. If they fail, they will return to Earth to be an outcasted disgrace from society, and forever overlooked. But if they succeed, they will be trained and prepped as one of the universe's greatest defense—The Elites.

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New Arrivals

Vol. II Art of Destiny (Paperback)

Vol. II Art of Destiny (Paperback)

The Elite Way series


Vincent Bowe

AUTHOR, Vincent Bowe, began his career as a renowned personal trainer. During those years he incorporated his knowledge of the human body and love for action, combined with his passion for creative writing, giving birth to The Elite Way series. He now lives in Los Angeles where he continues to train, write, and publish original works of fiction and non-fiction.

Four fighter's quest for fortune suddenly changes when they are thrust into a new world and must learn to fight as one.

The Elite Way series
The Elite Way series

Vol. I 

Faces of Prophecy

The Elite Way series
The Elite Way series

Vol. I I

Art of Destiny


Vincent Bowe

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The Elite Way series