About The Author

AUTHOR, Vincent Bowe worked as a certified health specialist/fitness instructor for five years upon graduating with his Bachelors degree in Exercise Science. During those years, he incorporated his knowledge of the human body combined with his passion for creative writing. He began writing articles that would be featured in the school newspaper, novels, and screenplays for films and tv.

His debut novel, Faces of Prophecy is the first book of his series, The Elite Way. He now lives in Los Angeles where he continues to train, write, and publish original works of fiction and non-fiction.

Ask The Author

Tell us about how The Elite Way came to be. Did it start with an image, a voice, a sound, a feeling, a concept, a dilemma or something else?

“From the time I was young I’ve always wanted to make movies. I used to play with my action figures as if that was my movie set, and I was the director. I constantly had things that I acted out as a kid. A couple of years later I found out that all in all I was creating this story the whole time.”

Who are your main characters? Tell us a little about what makes them tick.

“Richard is the one who is the comic relief, he’s very light-hearted and not worrisome. He’s the one when situations become tense, [or] the group becomes tense, he’s going to bring light to the situation and get everybody to calm down. He’ll crack a joke, he’ll also talk to any and everybody. . . He doesn’t care who you are [or] what your status is and that enables him to find out a lot. It enables him to know the ins and outs of a lot of things. [Which] can be his detriment too because sometimes he can find out about too much, or he can run his mouth too much to the wrong person. It can cause him to get in trouble and he can end up eventually pulling the others into his trouble as well.”

“Kao is very important to the group because he is very aware. Aware of himself, aware of his surroundings. He’s very keen on time and very in tune with his senses and his emotions. What he’s feeling. I think he ticks off of his emotions.”

“Jake, he’s the “pretty boy”. [He’s] very cocky, confident in himself, and very curious. If there’s a question to be discovered or something to be found out or known, he will be the one to ask those questions, he will be the one to seek the answers.”

“As for Rijo. . . His personality is super-confident! He believes he’s the best, believes he can’t be beaten, and believes that he has that title, rightfully so. Again, that can be either good or bad because he’s very wise, but he also feels like there’s nothing else to be discovered. He takes every situation for what it is and he tries to make sense of it, instead of asking questions. But sometimes, you just don’t know it all. That’s what I think he struggles with.”

“With Rijo and Jake, essentially they need each other. They have their differences and their rift, as you see in the beginning. There’s always the question of: you’re as good as me, can I beat you? They both feel that.”

What do you hope readers will take away from Volume I?

“Wherever you are, create some ground for yourself. Establish a foundation for yourself. Establish a foundation of truth, confidence, [and] high self-esteem so that you can be fully yourself in any environment and at any moment. Be truly yourself, grounded in that, and be able to give yourself to people in a positive light.”

Is there anything that you personally had to overcome in getting this book published?

“Absolutely! It’s a long process between having an idea for a story and then having that physical [book] in your hands. I think people need to understand that it’s definitely a process and you have to be patient. There [were] times [when] I became very impatient, I wanted to rush things. I’ve almost been at risk of relinquishing all the rights to my book because I wanted to overjump and have someone else publish it.”

Do you view writing as a spiritual practice?

“I think that writing is one of the best practices that anyone can use to express themselves. To unbottle emotions, to tap into new emotions and new thoughts, to embrace energy, and also get rid of energy. For that purpose alone, I think writing is definitely spiritual, as it is an art form.”

How long did it take you to write the book?

“I am a firm believer that all writers should give themselves a chance to breathe from their project. Don’t try to push through it all in one junction or you’re going to burn yourself out. Definitely give yourself that break. Sometimes that break may be a couple of months. For me, it was a year! It took a year for me to feel comfortable [enough] to go back into it.”



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