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About The Author


AUTHOR, Vincent Bowe, always dreamed of stories he could share with the world. After a profession in fitness, Bowe chose to pursue something greater: the chance to embark on a career in writing and entertainment. 

With full belief in his creative vision, Bowe packed his car and set out on a journey across the country from Virginia to California. As he adjusted to his new life on the west coast, he was met with some of the same obstacles he faced back home—underwhelming job offers and a lack of immediate support. However, Bowe did not lose sight of his destiny. He developed The Elite Way series from the same principles that helped him along his journey—faith, ambition, and perseverance. 

In 2020, Bowe released the first novels in The Elite Way series, Faces of Prophecy and Art of Destiny. He now continues to expand the series, while promoting The Elite Way brand and its life-changing messages to readers everywhere. 


The Elite Way series
The Elite Way series


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