Young, Black Authors Are Essential To The Diversity of Literature In 2020

LOS ANGELES / Calif. / February 12, 2020

Author, Vincent Bowe, was born and raised in Hampton, Virginia before setting his sights on Los Angeles to pursue his career. In 2017, Bowe embarked on his journey across the country. After three days of driving he arrived in Los Angeles with a story and a dream. Just a few years to the date, he is now a published author, actor, and entrepreneur with strong intentions on changing the face of both the publishing and film industries.

Faces of Prophecy was released this January as Bowe’s debut novel and the first book in his series The Elite Way. The Elite Way follows four young men, of various ethnicities and backgrounds, on a quest to become some of the best fighters in the universe. Readers from across the country have embraced Faces of Prophecy for its fresh take on the fantasy-fiction genre and diverse cast of characters.

“Since when did writing become synonymous with whiteness?

Bowe’s Elite Way comes at an important time. Out of 110 New York Times bestselling books in 2019, there were only thirteen written by Black authors, six written by other authors of color, and 91 books written by white authors (a staggering 83 percent). Bowe responded to this statistic in a recent interview, “Since when did writing become synonymous with whiteness? There are interesting and thought-provoking stories out there that do not meet a certain [publisher’s] stereotype.”

Fortunately, his own book is quite the opposite. With a strong, Black, male lead—representative of himself—and charismatic supporting leads, The Elite Way: Faces of Prophecy is a modern addition to any library. “In 2020, I think it’s important for [readers] to have a main Black protagonist as well as minority protagonists. [This book] is for everyone to identify with. You can read about these characters and understand something about yourself or someone you know.”

The first book in The Elite Way series, Faces of Prophecy, is available here, on, and all other book platforms. The next book in the series is set to be released in the fall, according to Bowe’s reps.

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