Vol. I Faces of Prophecy (Paperback)

Vol. I Faces of Prophecy (Paperback)

Faces of Prophecy is the first book in the series titled, The Elite Way, written by author, Vincent Bowe. This action-packed story follows four martial artists, Rijo, Jake, Richard, and Kao as they enter a world-class fight tournament. They each hope to prove their dominance in the fight world, win a half a million dollars and an endorsement deal with a well-known fight magazine. Each of them are anxious to be the last man standing.

None of them had any idea a freak disaster would occur, abruptly ending the tournament and causing them to be transported to another planet and awakened in a place called Waywar’s Gate. Here, these four martial artists will learn to adapt their fighting styles and personal motives to the Way. They are no longer fighting for personal gain, but rather as a team to protect the entire universe.  But how, when no one on the team wants to be here and two of their best fighters can’t seem to get along?  If they fail, they will return to Earth to be an outcasted disgrace from society, and forever overlooked. But if they succeed, they will be trained and prepped as one of the universe’s greatest defense—The Elites.

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    Paperback Size: 5.5x8.5"

    This series is a fantasy fiction for readers ages thirteen (13) and above.